Torinn Kayoubi

Self-centered, bull-headed, mild pyromaniac and a loner; Torinn strives to become the strongest sorcerer that he can in order to find and slay the dragon that destroyed his clan.


Dragonborn Sorcerer, Dragon magic

STATS: STR: 17, CON: 11, DEX: 13, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 18

HP: 33 (6 surges, surge value: 8)

DEFENSES: AC: 15, FORT: 14, REF: 12, WILL: 17.

Initiative: +2

Powers: At-will: Dragonfrost, Burning Spray. Encounter: Dragon Breath, Explosive Pyre, Poisonous Exhalation. Daily: Chromatic Orb.

Feats: Arcane Spellfury, Enlarged Dragon Breath.

Skills: (Trained) Arcana:6, Diplomacy: 10, History: 8, Intimidate: 12. (Untrained) Acrobatics: 2, Athletics: 4, Bluff: 5, Dungeoneering: 1, Endurance: 1, Heal: 1, Insight: 1, Nature: 1, Perception: 1, Religion: 1, Stealth: 2, Streetwise: 5.

Equipment: Flameburst Dagger +1 (Implament, 1d4+4), Hand Crossbow (1d6+1), Fireburst Cloth Armor+1, Adventurer’s Kit, Potions x3.


His early childhood was nothing of interest. His clan of around 30 traveled from place to place, trying to avoid the war whenever possible. Though they sought peace rather than conflict, they were trained in various forms of warfare to defend against both the beast of the wild and other, less hospitable tribes. When he was 15, his clan was wiped out by a dragon that ranted that it was all part of the Draconic Prophecies. Torinn survived only because he was buried under the chard corpses of his parents who tried to save him. Because of the events of that day, he harbors a great hate for dragons. Not long after he became a mercenary sorcerer. He gained some fame on the battlefield for his ruthlessness and fondness of fire. Following the war he simply traveled the lands, going from continent to continent in search of any signs of dragonborn relics in an attempt to discover just what the prophecy is, and why his clan was destroyed. He also searches for the red dragon which killed his clan, which bears a large scar along the left side of its head and a chunk torn out of its right wing. Recently, as the funds he amassed during the war began to dwindle, he has joined the Thunderhawk Inquisitives detective agency to keep himself fed.

Torinn Kayoubi

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