Lethe Avielle

A mercurial bard from the lower tiers of Sharn with a love of theatrics and ridiculous hats


Race: Changeling

Class: Bard, Virtue of Cunning (level 3)

Stats: STR: 11 CON: 14 DEX: 10 INT: 17 WIS: 8 CHA: 18

HP: 36 (Surges: 9 Surge value: 9)

Saves: AC: 17 FORT: 14 REF: 16 WILL: 18

Initiative: +1

Powers: At-Will: Changeling Disguise, Vicious Mockery, War Song Strike. Encounter: Changeling Trick, Majestic Word (2/encounter), Words of Friendship, Shout of Triumph, Moment of Escape, Entanglement Opening. Daily: Verse of Triumph

Feats: Ritual Caster, Melee Training (CHA), Advantage of Cunning, Background: Sharn (trained Streetwise)

Skills: TRAINED: Arcana 9, Bluff 12, Diplomacy 10, History 9, Insight 7, Streetwise 11. UNTRAINED: Acrobatics 2, Athletics 2, Dungeoneering 1, Endurance 4, Heal 1, Intimidate 6, Nature 1, Perception 1, Religion 5, Stealth 2, Thievery 2

Rituals: Glib Limerick, Wizard’s Curtain

Equipment: Harsh Songblade Longsword +1 (implement, +9 attack, 1d8+5 damage – flavor = lighter blade with a basket hilt; something like a schiavona or mortuary sword), crossbow (+3 attack, 1d8 damage), Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1, Repulsion Leather Armor +1, adventurer’s kit, inquisitive’s kit, identification papers (forged, no portrait, list her as human), fiddle.


Appearance: Lethe’s favorite appearance is a young human woman with short, shaggy dark hair, dark eyes, and a crooked grin. She favors a red overcoat and a wide-brimmed red hat with a huge and utterly ridiculous feather.

Backstory: Lethe (given name Alethia) was raised by her mother (Nedene, now deceased) and her aunt (Nemea) and, to no small extent, by various shady street gangs. As it was an obvious sign of Nedene’s infidelity, Lethe’s birth was the catalyst for her parents’ divorce. The other catalyst was her half-sister, Solana Nymeros d’Lyrandar, manifesting a Lesser Dragonmark…which meant that her father (Calivan) had his heir and no longer needed his embarassing lower-class wife. Lethe was raised in the lower tiers, Solana in the upper as befits a young Dragonmarked heir, and both Solana and Calivan deeply resent Lethe and like to pretend that she does not exist. Although Lethe knows that Calivan smuggles Warforged for House Cannith – she used it to blackmail him into paying for her apprenticeship with the House Phiarlan Demense of Shadow, after all – she does NOT know that Solana has turned to full-fleged airship piracy.

During the War, Lethe had a partner in every sense of the word: another changeling named Zan. He vanished during one of their last missions.

She’s spent the last few years employed by an all-changeling theater troupe in Lower Menthis, Sharn.


- Fun! Swashbuckling! Gratuitious dramatic crashing-through-windows and swinging-from-chandeliers!

- Find Zan, or find out what happened to him.

- Convince Solana that she is a FULL and NICE and WORTHWHILE person, not some immature filthy shapeshifting freak who broke apart the family and made Solana miserable. Alternately, make Solana’s life a merry hell.


-Favorite color: Red

-Favorite drink: Brandy

-Plays the fiddle, enjoys Irish-style reels.

-In our world, her favorite books would be Don Quijote and Gulliver’s Travels (re: social satire), her favorite Shakespeare play would be Twelfth Night, and her favorite genre of music would be punk.

-Is perpetually cheerful and snarky.

-Had never left Sharn (or, indeed, experienced actual weather) before age eighteen, and still feels uncomfortable outside of it. Is slightly phobic about wide open spaces.

-Is bi, has an annoyingly active sex life, and sees absolutely no problem with this.

-Dislikes all members of House Lyrandar and House Thuranni on principle.

-Enjoys pointing out theatrical tropes in everyday life. Fancies herself as being Genre Savvy.

Lethe Avielle

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