Garrus Lorforn

Wanted, for murder, treason, and unnatural acts of necromancy


Four years before the events of the campaign, there lived a necromancer named Garrus Lorforn, a high ranking reanimator of Karnath’s undead army. Garrus was eccentric, but most necromancers are, and his genius made him worth promoting to one of the highest magical positions in the country. As the years went on, Garrus was subjected to more and more stress as the war turned against Karnath. His assistants noted that he hardly slept, and would mutter words in an alien language when he did sleep.

One day, Garrus went crazier than usual, and left the capitol with a small army of undead, capturing Loom Keep, on the border of Cyre, for his own unknown purposes. The loss of Loom Keep represented a potential disaster for Karnath, as it is the only reason that the armies of Cyre had not already captured the city of Karrlakton. With Karnath’s armies engaged elsewhere, the king acquires the services of House Deneith’s Derek d’Deneith, and his team of mercenaries to recapture Loom Keep quickly and quietly.

Garrus Lorforn

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