Derek d'Deneith

Former Dragonmarked Storm Marshal, brooding founger of Thunderhawk Inquisitions.


Derek d’Deneith was the best of the best. An up and coming Storm Marshal, he was well on his way to joining the elite of House Deneith. His talent with for combat and tracking was unmatched among his brethren. That all changed the day of the Mourning. He was leading a diverse team of mercenaries to recapture a tower occupied by a rogue necromancer. Just as the necromancer was captured, the Mourning occurred, annihilating the nation of Cyre and making it into the Mournlands. Whatever supernatural force caused that, also erased Derek’s dragonmark. He was banished from House Deneith, and disappeared for four years, until mysteriously reappearing in Sharn. He bought what an old tavern called the Thunderhawk, and sent for his old team of mercenaries, founding Thunderhawk Inquisitions.

Derek is, for good reason, a brooding man. He is tall by human standards, with short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He is handsome, in a craggy way. His defining feature is where his dragonmark used to be, on his back. He has since covered it up with a large tattoo of a chimera that spreads out over his shoulders. His great skill with weapons has not left him, but his former prestige is but a memory. He can usually be found in his office, and it his job to use his contacts in the city to get jobs for Thunderhawk Inquisitions. He hasn’t been sleeping well, as noted by the bags under his eyes.

Derek d'Deneith

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