• Caílte mac Rónáin

    Caílte mac Rónáin

    Cailte's expertise with beasts and skill in navigating Sharn make him a valuable resource.
  • Hammer, the Blunt Instrument

    Hammer, the Blunt Instrument

    Warforged Fighter with an uncompromising lust for violence stemming from years of hardship in the Cogs
  • Lethe Avielle

    Lethe Avielle

    A mercurial bard from the lower tiers of Sharn with a love of theatrics and ridiculous hats
  • Torinn Kayoubi

    Torinn Kayoubi

    Self-centered, bull-headed, mild pyromaniac and a loner; Torinn strives to become the strongest sorcerer that he can in order to find and slay the dragon that destroyed his clan.
  • Venya Thersias

    Venya Thersias

    A half-elf Ardent with very few memories and unfortunate hair.