Sharn: the City of Towers, the largest and most diverse city in the world of Eberron. The city hums with magic and technology, and positively teems with thieves, murderers, psychopaths, and things much, much worse.

It has been four years since the Mourning, the massive event that annihilated an entire nation in an instant. In recent months, Sharn has been even more unstable than usual. Gang violence has escalated from simple turf wars into something much more violent and personal. Rumors of strange sounds and explosions from deep beneath the city are spreading like wildfire. Monsters from the land of Droaam have been immigrating in worrying numbers. The city’s government is far too corrupt to deal with any of it, and the powerful Dragonmarked Houses are too absorbed in their own affairs to even notice.

Enter, Thunderhawk Inquistions, a small organization of “Inquisitives”, actually blades for hire, founded by the man formally known as Derek d’Deneith, who operate out of the Deathsgate adventurer’s quarter in Sharn. Comprised of some of Derek’s comrades from his Storm Marshal days, Thunderhawk Inquisitions will explore the seedy underbelly of Sharn, the equally seedy upper crust of Sharn, and slowly discover the mysterious forces that are plunging the world into Chaos.

Thunderhawk Inquisitives

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